Volunteer at The Big Float on our land or river team! You not only get in free, you also get to meet cool people like yourself who care about the river and like having a good time. Bring your own sunny outlook! Work a 2.5 hour shift and get in free. Work a 4-5 hour shift and receive a free TBF X t-shirt, lunch voucher and two drink tickets!

Help as a river safety monitor (on water or land), or help with registration, tube inflation, tent installation, set-up, tear down, and other fun jobs (see below).

Volunteer with THE BIG FLOAT and good things will come, perhaps in waves! Please fill in the volunteer form below.




Water Safety Team

Our river team is lead by AMR River Rescue who perform life-guarding at High Rocks and Glen Otto Parks. These professionals are supported by our volunteer safety monitors who keep a diligent eye on participants to call in help if needed. Safety monitors are needed in water and on land. Safety monitors are not expected to perform saves, only to provide a diligent eye on the river, act as ambassadors for TBF, and call in help when needed. A short, free training session will be will be provided prior to TBF.


Water Safety Monitors: Got a kayak, canoe, SUP, jet ski or boat? Join our river safety team!

-Full shift (Noon-5pm) with breaks

-Part shift (2-3) hours


Land Safety Monitors: Don't have a boat but are up for being a keen observer of potential problems on land? Join our land safety team!

-Full shift (Noon-5pm) with breaks

-Part shift (2-3) hours


Big Float Party:
There is a lot going on! Please help us ensure the after-float party runs smoothly. These positions are first come, first served. We appreciate the help! 

  • Event Set-up: Assist with setting up the event (ie: hanging signs, moving tables, putting linens on tables, helping set up the bar, etc).
  • VIP Tent Monitor: assist with maintaining the VIP tent and bar area. Ensure that only VIPs are allowed entrance.
  • Valuables Check-in: Help floaters check in their valuables and bags.
  • Tube inflation assistance: help floaters pump up their tubes with our generator powered pump.
  • Life Jacket Decorating Station: help guests make their life jackets fun.
  • Event assistance: help with various task such as trash removal, line management and fill in where needed.
  • Event break-down: Assist with cleaning up after the event (ie: removing hanging signs, moving tables, removing linens on tables, tearing down bar and picking up trash).