It’s ironic that Portlanders pride themselves on being green and eco-sensitive, yet turn their noses up at the thought of getting into their local river – and continue to malign it.

That’s changing. Catching up to reality.

With the help of many volunteers, donors, sponsors, city officials, and untold others (with a shout out to the Big Pipe), our river is finally being revived and getting some love.

One example:  In 2014, Human Access Project helped forge a path to a semi-hidden sandy beach under the Marquam Bridge nicknamed Poet's Beach. It is now Portland’s first official beach, and is the launch point for The Big Float. Note the stones along the path engraved with children's poems from Honoring Our Rivers and Chinook words from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

Another HAP project is Audrey McCall Beach, where we are fundraising for lifeguards and a swimming area for the summer. Other beaches and docks include Tom McCall Bowl, Kevin Duckworth Dock, and the Fire Station Dock. Currently, HAP is working to finding a solution to Harmful Algae Blooms that have developed at Ross Island lagoon. Thanks to all who are working on this with us!