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Willamette Week Give Guide 2013 | Best Premiums

October 24, 2013
Willamette Week Give Guide is an awesome fundraising platform for not for profits organizations in Portland, Oregon.  If you want to be in the spirit of giving and get some awesome gifts / premiums for doing so be sure to check out Human Access Project, an organization that is looking to transform Portland's relationship with the Willamette River.  Human Access Project organizes The Big Float and this ...   read more

UnRock the Bowl | August 25th 2012 | Let's make a Beach!

August 8, 2012
Let's make a beach in downtown Portland!
UnRock the Bowl will take place Saturday, August 25 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park - in the grass bowl just south of Hawthorne Bridge.  
Rip-wrap rocks installed in the 1980's have migrated to the water's edge.  We will simply pick these rocks up and put them back on the bank.  There are rocks for all ages and sizes, little kid rocks, big boy rocks ...   read more

Event Wristband, T-shirt and Lifejacket Pickup Event - Friday July 27 6-9pm | The Big Float

July 26, 2012
Just Announced!
Event Wristband, T-shirt and Lifejacket Pickup Event - Friday July 27 6-9pm
Why wait in line to pick up your wristband on event day.  Popina Swimwear will host a pick up party Friday July 27 from 6-9pm at 4831 NE 42nd Avenue in their back parking lot.  If you are over age 21 enjoy a complementary Kona beer and meet some of your fellow Big Floaters!  Register Now in advance ...   read more

Inner tubes | Portland, Oregon | Popina Swimwear

July 5, 2012
Looking to Inner Tube at a local river near Portland?  Maybe Clackamas River Tubing , Sandy River Tubing.
Or maybe you are a true river lover and you need an inner tube for THE BIG FLOAT (7/28/13).
Look no further than Popina Swimwear to gear you up for all your tubing needs.
Popina has Four options:
The Basic River Rat Model - $15
The next step up would be your River Run.  ...   read more

Great Willamette Clean Up | October 8, 2011 | Hawthorne Bridge Cleanup

September 23, 2011
Join Human Access Project and THE BIG FLOAT on Saturday October 8!  Your participation in TBF caught the attention of the city and helped pave the way for the very first Human Access Project volunteer event.  On October 8, with the help of YOU, we will birth a new beach on the Willamette at the east base of the Hawthorne Bridge.  This new Hawthorne Bridge Beach will be the take out point for TBF II ...   read more

Willamette River Water Quality

July 22, 2011
There have been a lot of questions regarding Willamette River Water Quality that have come to surface with all this new conversation about THE BIG FLOAT.  It is very exciting that people in Portland are again considering the Willamette River as a potential recreational resource.  Ultimately, yes, there is still a lot of work ahead to improve the ecological health of our Mighty Willamette River into the ...   read more

TBF Live Music | Ramona Falls | July 31 Concert

July 7, 2011

July 31: Ramona Falls headlines at TBF! Awwwyeah.  Just as you thought the party couldn’t get any sweeter, we just smacked you in the face with a huge bag of whipped cream.  Oh, shut up. I know whipped cream doesn’t come in bags. 


Seeee youuuu theeerreee! 



But um... did you know that Whipped Cream Vodka exisits?

   read more

TBF Live Music | Bull Ramos | July 31 Concert

July 6, 2011
Portland Live music announced!  Bull Ramos, Portland’s “Official Drinkin’ and Dancin’ Band” is coming to TBF.   So if you like both of those things… or either of those things, then it’s your kind of party, baby.  Bull Ramos will have us stepping into a dance party as soon as we set foot on land!
Bull Ramos is just one of FIVE fabulous PDX bands coming to ...   read more

TBF Sponsors | Dot Zero Design

July 5, 2011
Getting the word out about fun Portland summer activities required the help of Dot Zero Design, a fabulous local design company that has created the Popina website as well as many other high-end websites, logos and product packages.   Dot Zero has created some little handbill beauties to pass around to our friends about The Big Float.  Because of their utter exquisiteness, we expect that everyone in Portland ...   read more

TBF Sponsors | Kona Brewing | Portland Beer

July 3, 2011
Kona Brewing will deliver a classic Portland Beer-drinkin’ time at the TBF after party. 
Picture in slow motion: After The Great Crossing, you will gallantly toss your survival PDX raft aside, grab a cold one, and raise a glass to Kona, for providing 15 kegs of “Liquid Aloha” beer, a symbol of their support for transforming the Willamette River for our city!
       ...   read more

TBF | Portland Volunteer Opportunities | Willamette Benefit

July 1, 2011
Looking for Portland Volunteer Opportunities this summer?  The Big Float asks you to come on board The Big Float Event July 31, 2011.
This is my friend Lauren. AKA LoLo.  She will be volunteering in PDX for the Party/Fun team! She will be making sure the after party is set up for maximum fun times, and then she will tear it down.  She <3s destruction. She is very cool and if you sign up ...   read more

TBF | Hawthorne Bridge | Take-out Site

June 30, 2011
Did you know that the Hawthorne Bridge, TBF take-out site, is the busiest biker and transit bridge in Oregon? According to Wikipedia, about 800 cyclists and 17,400 bus riders have the chance to see you Portland river tubing in at the East Bank after the “Great Crossing” of the Willamette! It will be a site to behold...
These are some things these people will see you doing and therefore be jealous of ...   read more

TBF | Portland Marquam Bridge | Drop-In Site

June 29, 2011
Your Portland water activities begin at Marquam Bridge.  Not driving on top of the bridge, my friends, but under! 
Don’t worry, the Marquam Bridge holds importance as the first Portland bridge was the first to undergo “seismic retrofitting” in 1995, a process to modify the structure to resist seismic activity.  THANK GOODNESS.  Well, now we know the bridge won’t fall on our ...   read more

TBF Promotional Video

June 21, 2011
Hi Folks we are having an open casting call for a promotional video for TBF tomorrow at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 2pm.  RSVP on our Facebook event page if you can make it, and like TBF while you are at it.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BIG-Float/191366157582596#!/event.php?eid=213417645363811   read more

After-Party Site Meeting

June 12, 2011
Had a great meeting today as we look to figure out the best configuration for the site.  The after-party is going to have a stage, educational area, a pop-up food cart court, bathrooms, a check area and a VIP area for our sponsors.
Also had a great meeting with KINK in the afternoon. TBF promotion will be coming at you in full force shortly friends.  Wanna help?  Best way you can contribute is to come ...   read more

THE BIG FLOAT now on Facebook!

May 29, 2011
TBF is now on Facebook!  Like us when you get a chance if you dig what we are doing!

THE BIG FLOAT on Facebook   read more

Bands for THE BIG FLOAT will be announced very soon

May 21, 2011
We have five great bands lined up for THE BIG FLOAT presented by our friends at The Portland Mercury and KINK FM. 

If you participate in THE BIG FLOAT inner-tube river crossing you get a wrist band that will get you into the show for FREE!   read more

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