It’s a fact. The Willamette River downtown is safe for recreation from a water quality perspective, except in the now rare instances when Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) conditions are present. If you think otherwise, you are simply a science denier. Sorry.

Oregon DEQ states that when CSO conditions are not present, “the Willamette River is safe for swimming and other recreational uses.”

Likewise, the Oregon Health Authority states: "The levels of chemical contamination in the Willamette River water are too low to be considered harmful to the health of the public, even for sensitive groups like children and pregnant and nursing women."  Want to see for yourself that bacteria levels are low? The City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services tests the river water weekly during the summer. 

So when you hear people bash our river, tell them to Google Search Willamette River water quality and get the facts. Join the revival!