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June 30, 2011

Did you know that the Hawthorne Bridge, TBF take-out site, is the busiest biker and transit bridge in Oregon? According to Wikipedia, about 800 cyclists and 17,400 bus riders have the chance to see you Portland river tubing in at the East Bank after the “Great Crossing” of the Willamette! It will be a site to behold...


These are some things these people will see you doing and therefore be jealous of you for:

  1. Enjoying the water
  2. Having fun with friends
  3. Eating at some of the most delicious Portland food carts in the Northwest
  4. Flaunting your swimwear
  5. Drinking Portland keg beer from Kona Brewing!
  6. Going through a human car wash!!
  7. Aaaaand supporting your local river, with Willamette RiverKeepers!

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