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Great Willamette Clean Up | October 8, 2011 | Hawthorne Bridge Cleanup

September 23, 2011

Join Human Access Project and THE BIG FLOAT on Saturday October 8!  Your participation in TBF caught the attention of the city and helped pave the way for the very first Human Access Project volunteer event.  On October 8, with the help of YOU, we will birth a new beach on the Willamette at the east base of the Hawthorne Bridge.  This new Hawthorne Bridge Beach will be the take out point for TBF II next year on Sunday July 29th 2012!


For the toughest, hardiest, scrappiest, BIG FLOATERS this is your chance to be a part of birthing a beach.  Below is a before photos of our new beach.  Get a great hard work out and be rewarded with an unbelievable sense of empowerment and pride for helping create a new swimming hole in Downtown Portland.  Many hands make light work and WE NEED YOUR HELP to be ensure the job gets done.


Let's make the Willamette River sparkle!




Notice all the rocks on the bank?  These are a combination of concrete chunks (big pile pictured below) and rip-wrap or bank stabilization rocks that through time have worked their way off the bank and into the water and beach.



Above is a pile of concrete assembled for removal from the Hawthorne Bridge Beach.


The objective of this event is to place the angular rip-wrap rocks and place them back on the bank where they belong, and remove the chunks of concrete dumped into the Willamette in a less enlightened time.  We will also be removing non-native plants.


If you want to participate in this event please contact Will Levenson at will_levenson@hotmail.com who will be the crew leader of this cleanup.  Also register to participate with the Great Willamette Cleanup Registration Form.  There are lots of other lighter jobs available if you would like to participate in the Great Willamette Cleanup but do not feel comfortable lifting heavy objects, and your help is welcomed.


There will also be a kick ass afterparty at Bunk Bar after the event.


Event: Great Willamette Cleanup, Hawthorne Beach Birthing

Date: Saturday, October 8th 7:30-1:00pm

Contact info: will_levenson@hotmail.com

Registration: Great Willamette Cleanup Registration Form


Special thanks to Porter-Yett for accepting our concrete for recycling for FREE and for Depave for technical assistance and use of their concrete moving tools!

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