TBF3 Food Carts Announced!

-Koi Fusion


-Brazi Bites

-Taqueria La Merced

-Whole Bowl


Then, our sweets vendors are:

-Mix n' Match Creamery: Ice Cream

-Grant Nation: Shaved Ice

-Lulu Prunehead Productions: Popsicles

All that swimming is liable to make a person hungry

Are you a food vendor who would like to be a part of THE BIG FLOAT IV in 2014?  For $150 you can have access to the hungry crowd of The Big Float, have a chance to elevate your brand by being associated with our noble cause and know that your $150 will make a difference in activating the Willamette for recreational use. 


Sound like a tasty gig?, If you are interested in being a part of the after-party please send a note to info@thebigfloat.com.

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