Float Route

Innertube Parade

We start a Floaters Parade on the westside at Tom McCall Bowl Beach and march south along the Esplanade to one of two access points.  The shorter route, which is suggested for families is marked mid-way through the parade.  The longer route puts in at Poet's Beach.  The shorter route is about a 10 minute walk, and a 45 minute-1 hour float, the longer route is closer to a 20 minute walk and is a 1-1.5 hour float.  



Poet's Beach put in

In 2014, Human Access Project added a new pathway (lined with stone engravings of children's poems and Chinook words from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde) which HAP nicknamed Poet's Beach. This is the longer parade route and the put-in spot under the Marquam Bridge.  Click for more information on Poet's Beach.


Float route  

Once in the water, participants float back to where our parade starts at Tom McCall Bowl.  Mid voyage through the float route floaters can take in our mid-float stage.  Our second and main stage is located at our take out at Tom McCall Bowl Beach. The main stage features music from 1:30-6:30.


Safety Measures

Safety is our number one priority, all participants MUST wear life jackets per our US Coast Guard permit.  The float is supervised by US Coast Guard, Multnomah County River Patrol, AMR-River Rescue, Portland Fire and 50-75 volunteer safety kayakers.  The use of alcohohol is forbidden.  Anyone found consuming alcohol on the float will be removed by participating, on-site, law enforcement personnel. 


Big Float, Floating Tip

Biggest tip, take your time.  The Big Float is a mellow, fun ride, not a race.  But if you had so much fun you want more, you are welcome to float a second time!

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