Float Route

We will start the Paddlers' Parade on the westside at Tom McCall Bowl and march south along the Esplanade to one of two access points. 



Human Access Project added a new pathway (lined with stone engravings of children's poems and Chinook words from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde) in 2014 called "Poet's Beach". This is the longer parade route and the put in spot under the Marquam Bridge.


A new second access point before "Poet's Beach" has been added to improve the flow of floaters into the water. Please be respectful of other users of the Esplanade.


Once in the water, participants sail down to Tom McCall Bowl, where river revelers will be regaled by three bands on a floating barge. Another floating barge in the middle of the river will have live music for floaters in mid-voyage. 

Our course: downstream

Participants will enter the river from Marquam Bridge beach and float downstream under the supervision of Coast Guard personnel. Kayaker chaperones will also provide escort help.


Floaters will land on the west bank at Tom McCall Bowl, just south of the Hawthorne Bridge. A post-float beach party will be held with live music on a barge and beer, wine, food carts, kids area and free chair massages on the grassy bank of the Tom McCall Bowl. All floaters must have a flotation device and wear a life vest. No alcohol is allowed on the float, but will be available at the after-party.

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