Outlandish Watercraft Award

KINK-FM will be presenting the Outlandish Watercraft award for TBF 6. Judging will be conducted by members of the Human Access Project Board and one of the rockin' staff at KINK-FM. 


The winner will receive an original trophy/art piece from renowned artist Ivan McLean.  One big tip - make sure your float holds water. Last thing we need is a new big piece of trash in our river. Let your imagination flow.

Best of Cruise Costume Award

The Best of Cruise Costume award will be presented by The Portland Mercury.  The winner will be selected by a distinguished panel of Human Access Project board members, and very likely someone (no doubt also distinguished) from the Mercury. 


Bring your own sense of fashion to TBF V. Who knows, with your awesome costume you could sail home (on a cloud)  with a trophy/art piece by public artist Ivan McClean. Maybe you'll end up the next big Portland fashion star.

Ivan McLean

Ivan McLean's public art can be seen all around the Pacific Northwest. Beyond being an artist, Ivan is a river lover who has donated his talent to "up the stakes" for our watercraft and costume competitions. Ivan has volunteered in several concrete removal events on the Willamette River. He is always the hardest working dude on the crew.  Big thanks for supporting Human Access Project and TBF, Ivan!



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